• Our spaces are a budget item with assigned key performance metrics attached.

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  • Platforms that stand out from the clutter and provide an element of surprise.

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  • Our spaces are providing new ways to engage consumers.

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  • Alternate shopping spaces are looking more lucrative as they can be optimized for more revenue.

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Welcome to Global Visitor Media Group

Global Visitor is an independent indoor and outdoor media and communications organization established in 2012. We are comprised on three directors with a combined industry experience of 30 years.

About Us

Jason Skosana

Executive Director


girl 2

Busisiwe Maduna

Marketing Director


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Lucky Maduna

Operations Director


Excellent Teamwork

Global Visitor Media Group identified a niche opportunity where the needs of the landlord, the advertiser and the customer can be met. Landlords are looking to generate extra income by optimizing their rental space beyond traditional means of rental income and parking. They are looking for innovative ways to engage and stimulate their customers. Advertisers, especially in this time of shrinking marketing budgets, are seeking to maximize their media strategies by engaging innovative touch points that can influence the consumers’ decision. Customers spend a significant amount of time in retail areas and they expect an engaged brand experience and ambient advertising serves as an extra attraction.

Global Visitor is positioned to offer Out Of Home (OOH) products and services that adapt to reach consumers while they are on the move.

With Global Visitor, you are in the right hands. We value relationships and are always on the pulse of the latest trends and ensure that we have the solutions on hand to meet the need.

Our Services

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Integrated Marketing



Contact Us

Contact Details


  • +27 11 678 0018

  • info@globalvisitormedia.com

  • Suite 101 Alto Level House | 4 Fir Drive | Northcliff | 2195
  • For technical enquiries:

  • support@globalvisitormedia.com
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